It would not be possible without this program as Hailey requires a little more attention than her typical peers do. Both my husband and I work so it is difficult at times to find somebody we trust to watch Hailey during the summer. Prior to finding out about the LIAM Foundation shadow program at the Great South Bay YMCA, we made numerous phone calls and inquiries to find a suitable camp program for Hailey, and most phone calls ended with the usual, “unfortunately, we cannot accommodate Hailey.” It was definitely upsetting at first, however in the end once we reached out to the LIAM Foundation that all changed!! The LIAM shadow program has been a lifesaver for us! Last year we had the pleasure of meeting Liam and some of the founders of the LIAM Foundation at the open house held at the camp and it was nice to see we are not alone and that others understand as several families shared their stories.

We have been told how Hailey has thrived at the camp over the past few summers. All of the shadows we have met along the way have been wonderful with Hailey. Hailey loves to be outside, run, swim, read, listen and dance to music, and most of all, climb the rock wall. She has even been named camper of the week a few times! The LIAM shadow program has given Hailey the opportunity to grow and become independent at camp, while providing her with the extra guidance and support that she needs along the way. We can’t thank you enough! 

Meet Hailey !


We wanted to thank you very much for providing our daughter Hailey, 8, with a shadow for the past few summers at the Great South Bay YMCA. Hailey is a very happy 8 year old girl who was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder. All Hailey wants to do is play and make friends like her typical peers do. This program through the LIAM Foundation allows Hailey to do just that. She absolutely loves going to the camp each day!

Jesse never had a male model parent, nor does he have siblings. He is longing for a companion to mentor him. Jesse was diagnosed with ADHD and speech delay at two years old. He is clumsy and very often embarrassed to do things. He is longing for a social life but feels ashamed. Jesse needs someone to encourage him and help him with his anxiety and his social skills.

Jesse and I have been moving a lot (due to an economic situation) which has weighed on him. During our time of homelessness, Jesse was spending very little time with peers and as a result has become very introverted. I was very overwhelmed with his disability and as head of household I have to focus on many things at one time, therefore I am not able to give him the attention he needs. When I heard of the LIAM Foundation I was so happy and felt so relieved. Jesse requires assistance in a large group environment as he gets distracted easily and he is unable to follow directions due to the fact that he doesn't understand them or was focusing on something else. Because of this, Jesse might overwhelm the camp counselors and his peers. A shadow will provide Jesse the opportunity to make friends and experience camp. 

Meet Jesse !