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Nicholas is a bright, loving boy who is thirteen years old. When he was two years old he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. He is considered autistic and currently goes to a typical middle school in a special education class with a one-to-one aide. My school district feels it is necessary to provide Nicholas with summer services to continue the opportunity for language and social growth. 

 Luckily the Liam Foundation has been able to provide Nicholas with an opportunity to get these services in a camp setting as he grows! For the past three years, Nicholas has been able to attend Summer Camp with typical children and have an opportunity for a fun summer! If it wasn't for the Liam Foundation, he would not be able to do this! Nicholas needs to have a one-on-one aide because at times, he gets upset over things and needs a break. If things don't go how he thinks they should, he could potentially start crying and it is hard for him to control himself. He needs a mentor for this. He also tends to do "silly talk" and at times needs to be reminded to focus on what is being said to him. He needs someone to facilitate his daily social interactions and to help him to make them more appropriate. He really is such a sweet boy he can just be very silly and to kids that don't know that he has autism, he could seem a little strange. I could never send him to camp alone with total peace of mind and I am so thankful to the Liam Foundation for giving this to me. Thank you for being a part of this amazing program! 

Meet Nicholas !