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Meet Jesse !


Jesse never had a male model parent, nor does he have siblings. He is longing for a companion to mentor him. Jesse was diagnosed with ADHD and speech delay at two years old. He is clumsy and very often embarrassed to do things. He is longing for a social life but feels ashamed. Jesse needs someone to encourage him and help him with his anxiety and his social skills.

Jesse and I have been moving a lot (due to an economic situation) which has weighed on him. During our time of homelessness, Jesse was spending very little time with peers and as a result has become very introverted. I was very overwhelmed with his disability and as head of household I have to focus on many things at one time, therefore I am not able to give him the attention he needs. When I heard of the LIAM Foundation I was so happy and felt so relieved. Jesse requires assistance in a large group environment as he gets distracted easily and he is unable to follow directions due to the fact that he doesn't understand them or was focusing on something else. Because of this, Jesse might overwhelm the camp counselors and his peers. A shadow will provide Jesse the opportunity to make friends and experience camp.