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Gianna had a new world opened for her with her new hearing aids; with her hearing now corrected she has begun to flourish. Where she was once shy and stayed back, due to her disability, she now eagerly participates in group settings and loves to talk and interact. The down side is that due to her not hearing for the first 6 years of her life she missed out on learning many of the social skills and queues that are learned at a young age. The hearing issue in combination with the aforementioned issues have made her life very challenging. She has made leaps and bounds in her “catching up” but does need help at the onset of any new environment. She has a magnetic personality that many of her peers do not get to see due to her social awkwardness. She strives to do things right and follow the rules and gets frustrated when she doesn’t understand something. Right now she is working with a Teacher for The Deaf to help her learn how to use her hearing properly. She loves to be around other children and is very caring and concerned for others, yet this is overshadowed by her lack of proper socialization.

Last year the LIAM Program was the best thing that happened to our family. Gianna loved it and felt a sense of independence and really grew as a person. It was also what she needed as she was placed in an integrated class for 1st Grade. The LIAM Program was a perfect fit for her because it gave her someone to help her stay focused and learn the routine, while providing a role model and confidant. It also helped her to assimilate into a group where she was accepted as an equal to her peers, unfortunately, not how the school system works. We are hopeful that the 2016 Season will be even more of a positive and maturing experience as she now can hear.

Thank you for all that you do. For our family your program is the best thing that has happened for us, it gives Gianna a safe place to learn how to be a kid for the summer after a very trying school year full of therapy and special classes. 

Meet Gianna !

Gianna is a happy and friendly 6 year old. She has been diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech and multiple Global Developmental Issues and ADHD. We are still in the process of trying to figure out a true diagnosis, at times she seems like any other 6 year old and at times she exhibits behavior that puts her on the Autism Spectrum. In August of 2015 we were informed that she had an undiagnosed hearing impairment of over 60% in both ears. In October 2015 she received her hearing aids.